Chris geiger

The Cancer Survivors Club
Book Description.
Bad Cells is a collection of Chris Geiger’s thought-provoking and witty newspaper columns. His weekly column rapidly grew in popularity, eventually earning him the prestigious Columnist of the Year award.

He writes about such random subjects as our attitude towards breasts, dog walkers, death, high fibre diets, cosmetic surgery, car alarms, prostate examinations, the Queen’s speech, celebrities and assisted suicide. Other topics include Wimbledon, doctor’s waiting rooms and smokers; describing them as “dumb or dyslexic” for ignoring the health warnings on packets.

With an introduction and extra column written exclusively for this collection, Bad Cells is titled after a movingly reflective piece, describing his thoughts when first diagnosed and receiving treatment for cancer.
Bad Cells includes Chris Geiger’s wide-reaching Guinness World Record column, published on World Cancer Day and an excerpt of his top selling book ‘ The Cancer Survivors Club’.

Chris Geiger initially conceived the idea to write a weekly newspaper column, in an attempt to make the dreaded word ‘cancer’ less of a taboo subject and highlight the disease and cancer charities; having been touched by cancer many years ago himself. He credits brave newspaper editors for giving in to his blackmail and threats of violence, enabling him to kick-start his personal campaign to help, encourage and inspire those affected by cancer.