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being overweight causes cancer

Extra fat in the body can have harmful effects, like producing hormones and growth factors that affect the way our cells work. This can raise the risk of several diseases, including cancer. It's thought that more than 1 in 20 cancers are linked to being overweight or obese.

Research has shown that many types of cancer are more common in people who are overweight or obese, including:

  • breast cancer, in women after the menopause
  • bowel cancer
  • womb cancer
  • oesophageal (food pipe) cancer
  • gastric cardia cancer (a type of stomach cancer)
  • pancreatic cancer
  • kidney cancer
  • liver
  • probably - gallbladder, ovarian and aggressive prostate cancers
What leads to people being overweight or obese?

Simply put, obesity is the result of taking in more calories through your diet than you are burning through physical activity.

The reasons for this calorie imbalance vary from person to person. It can sometimes be linked to the genes we were born with, or our environments, as well as our individual behaviour and choices. And some drugs and diseases can also contribute to weight gain.

Most people can reach and stay within a healthy weight range by eating healthily, eating smaller amounts and becoming more active.

Why is being overweight linked to so many different types of cancer?

Fat cells in the body are active and produce hormones and proteins that are released into the bloodstream and carried around the body. Because they are spread through the circulation, these ‘chemical messengers’ can affect many parts of the body, and increase the risk of several different types of cancer.

How does being overweight change hormone levels in the body?

Excess fat changes the levels of sex hormones, like oestrogen and testosterone, in the body. This may increase the risk of cancer.

Fat cells also produce many other chemical messengers which affect how the body works.

The hormone insulin is a very important part of how the body uses energy from food. When people are overweight or obese, there is much more insulin present in the body. It’s not clear how this could lead to cancer, although high insulin levels are a common feature of many cancers.

Belly fat has harmful effects

When too much fat is carried around the belly, it can do even more damage. So-called ‘apple’ shapes are linked to bowel, kidney, oesophageal, pancreatic, breast, and womb cancers.

It isn’t clear exactly why this is, but it could be to do with how quickly certain chemicals from fat can get into the blood.

A healthy body weight is important for children as well as adults

By encouraging your children to lead a healthy lifestyle, you can help them keep a healthy body weight later on in life. A person’s body weight can be influenced by what they ate when they were children, or even what their mothers ate before they were born. Children who are very heavy at 2 years of age tend to have a higher chance of being overweight later in life. Some studies have found that people who are overweight or obese as children have higher risks of some cancers later in life.


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Writing for Survivors

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If you or any member of your family has been touched by cancer, Chris would love to hear from you.

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Submitting your story

Any story relating to cancer from anyone’s perspective can be submitted. However all stories must be true and make a positive impact.

Any story relating to cancer from anyone’s perspective can be submitted. However all stories must be true and make a positive impact.

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