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CancerInCommon has been discontinued.
CancerInCommon has been discontinued as a service, however, listed below are other websites which offer similar functionality. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What is CancerInCommon? was launched in 2012, as an online social network, connecting cancer survivors, patients and their friends. It enabled users to search then communicate privately with other members, based on their type of cancer, age and location. Connecting cancer patients with survivors continues to be a frequent request Chris receives since the launch of The Cancer Survivors Club book.

When is CancerInComon being discontinued?
From now through August 31st, 2015, will work as usual. From September 1, 2015 will no longer be accessible.

What are the alternatives to CancerInCommon?
Chris has worked hard to create list of websites offering ‘similar’ functionality to, these can be found below.

The Cancer Survivors Club, published by OneWorld Publications. Author Cancer Survivor Chris Geiger  

The Cancer Survivors Club

Helping to inspire cancer patients.
This inspirational book brings together first-hand accounts of ordinary people who have beaten cancer. They are old and young, their diagnoses common and rare, their courses of treatment long and short, but all are survivors. In these honest, unflinching and deeply personal stories, they write about the most difficult times in their lives, telling us how they found a strength and determination that they never knew they possessed; and they speak of the support they received from their families, friends, doctors and nurses – the importance of which cannot be overestimated.

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