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The Cancer Survivors Club

Book Description

The Cancer Survivors Club by Chris Geiger.  (Oneworld Publications)

The Cancer Survivors Club is a collection of truly inspirational, uplifting and assuring survival stories. These poignant personal accounts from normal people, demonstrate an extraordinary determination to survive against the odds. It proves with survival rates doubling, anything is possible.

Unfortunately cancer affects everyone; worldwide there are around 14.1 million new cases diagnosed each year. Every two minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with cancer.

The Cancer Survivors Club has an excellent mix of stories, from the most common cancer to the rarest. Some of the cancer types mentioned are; Brain, Bowel, Breast, Pancreatic, Testicular, Leukaemia, Nasal and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Included in the book are a number of Chris Geiger’s cheerful newspaper columns, such as his humorous account of a prostate examination, getting sunburnt on a crowded beach and his Guinness World Record article.

The Cancer Survivors Club will provide anyone touched by cancer with hope, strength and encouragement. Each story is written from the survivors or families own perspective, offering a very warm, friendly style of writing. This relaxed and sometimes humorous approach makes The Cancer Survivors Club an informative, positive and inspirational book that the reader will be able to relate to and gain strength from.

In addition it’s hoped the book will raise much needed public awareness on the disease and help cancer support groups and charities.

Many cancer patients and those around them find the grueling treatments very hard to cope with, they often feel very alone and isolated. This book allows anyone affected by the disease to focus their attention on surviving, ultimately making it their goal to share their story in future editions.

Most patients have times when they feel they are the only person going through cancer treatment and have nobody to talk with. It is also a very difficult time for people close to the patient who have no previous experience in dealing with this disease.

The Cancer Survivors club is a must-read for the millions of cancer patients worldwide and a book of great support for their family and friends .

The Cancer Survivors Club book is published by OneWorld Publications. Its now available to order from all major online and independent bookstores.

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Recent Messages

"Thank YOU for filling the airwaves with positivity about cancer. So important to hear when you're going thru it."

"I was encouraged by this book. As a cancer survivor. the author's own long survival was like a breath of fresh air. "

"Just wanted you to know that you continue to be an inspiration. I know so many survivors have taken great comfort from your work! I also know I was greatly comforted, it was my 4th time around in 26 years! We met at Penny Brohn last year."

"I really appreciate what you are doing. I have a sister diagnosed with kidney cancer. ‘The Cancer Survivors Club’ book is a fabulous read and a great idea !"

"Reading this made me feel humbled by their tremendous courage (and sometimes comical approach) to their condition and treatment. It fills a huge gap by describing treatments and side effects that will help many future "Victims" and their families. This book should be read by anyone who feels afraid of the word "Cancer". It puts everything into perspective."

Your book arrived today and I think it took me five minutes to stop crying. Thanks for choosing my mum's story. x."

I share your thinking that such a book will really make a difference to those who have cancer and indeed have beaten it; hope and strength are two very important things that you need as a cancer patient and survivor."

"I have to say, I think what you are doing is amazing! I would be happy for you to use my story in any way that can help others. It is a time in your life when it can be nice to hear some of the success stories rather than being told 'I know someone who died from cancer."

"I've often felt I should write a leaflet with all the 'top tips' I learnt during my own treatment especially for younger people like me. There is nothing available for young women with bowel cancer as it is rather rare, I still had it though and to share my experiences with someone similar would've been great."

"Reading that it happened to you 20 years ago has given me hope that my son might make it longer as although he is healthy I still worry about him getting sick again."

"When Katie was going through the treatment and then the transplant both she and her sister searched for a book with a normal young person’s story but all seemed to be written by the famous."