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Discovery Channel Magazine - Worldwide  
August, 2013.
An incredibly common disease still comes as a shock once it happens.  
Chris Geiger sits down with Discovery Channel's Daniel Seifert to talk about using humour when dealing with cancer, and the importance of a positive attitude while receiving treatment.

Cornwall News - Canada  
April 13, 2013.
Resilient Runners At Boston Marathon – Celebrating Life After Cancer  
But the running world is strong and resilient. It reminds me of the world of cancer survivorship; a second family.

AXA PPP HealthCare - UK  
March 6, 2013.
Finding inspiration: Chris Geiger’s little big things  
Cancer survivor Chris Geiger also believes that sharing your experiences can provide other cancer sufferers with inspiration and encouragement to help them through treatment.

The English Garden Magazine - Worldwide  
February Edition 2013.
Gardening Inspiration  
Avid gardener Marilyn Taylor believes her hobby saved her life; for it was while she was cutting branches with her 4.9m pruner that she first had an inkling that all was not right with her health.

Gloucestershire Echo - UK  
January 15, 2013.
'Dangerous' cancer claims made by Cheltenham spiritual healer  
Cancer survivor Chris Geiger, secretly filmed a two-hour appointment.

Daily Mail - UK  
January 14, 2013.
'He deserves to have cancer': Anger of spiritual healer exposed by BBC for charging £280  
Cancer survivor Chris Geiger, secretly filmed an appointment for a BBC programme.

BBC - Worldwide  
January 14, 2013.
Chris Geiger: I went under cover to expose cancer claims  
Former cancer sufferer Chris Geiger, went undercover to secretly film an appointment with a spiritual healer.

The Daily Telegraph - UK  
January 14, 2013.
Spiritual healer advised 'cancer sufferer' to drink cabbage juice  
Chris Geiger, was a former cancer sufferer approached her posing as a client as part of an investigation for the BBC.

Yahoo ! News  
January 3, 2013.
Bad Cells written by Chris Geiger has been released  
Bad Cells; a collection of his witty and thought-provoking newspaper columns. His weekly column rapidly grew in popularity, eventually earning him the prestigious Columnist of the Year award.

Exeter Express and Echo - UK.  
December 13, 2012.
Helen gives hope to cancer patients  
A CANCER survivor from Honiton who has battled back from the brink of death has shared her story as part of a new book to give hope to sufferers of the disease.

Daily Mail - UK.  
December 8, 2012.
Uplifting new book  
The weather might be cold and dark, but my days are lightened by inspirational stories.

The Chronicle Series - UK.  
December 6, 2012.
Cancer survivors story is a lesson in perseverance  
The tale of one Sandbach woman, whose internet self-diagnosis uncovered a tumour in her chest, has been immortalised in a collection of cancer survival stories.

Exeter Express and Echo - UK.  
December 4, 2012.
Honiton cancer survivor to attend book launch at Waterstones in Exeter  
A cancer survivor from Honiton will be present at a Exeter book launch this weekend providing hope to those newly diagnosed with the disease.

Nottingham Post - UK.  
November 26, 2012.
Cancer survivor's story in new book  
A CANCER survivor from Notts has featured in a new book that aims to give hope and inspiration to people battling the disease.

South Wales Evening Post - Wales.  
November 21, 2012.
Survivors look back at their battle for life  
THREE years ago Katie Patterson from Gorseinon was a fit 20-year-old with no previous health problems when she was struck down by acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

The Post - UK.  
November 16, 2012.
Book launched to tell stories of cancer survival  
TEN of the city's cancer survivors came together to launch a book aimed at providing hope to those newly diagnosed with cancer.

Irish Examiner - Ireland.  
November 14, 2012.
I wrote the book on surviving cancer  
My diary was a solace during treatment, but my ambition to publish and help other sufferers was postponed until now, says Chris Geiger.

Grimsby Telegraph - UK.  
November 14, 2012.
Stories of people who have battled cancer included in book  
THE stories of people from Grimsby who have battled cancer are included in a new book by a cancer survivor. Author Chris Geiger has released his recently his book, The Cancer Survivors Club.

NHS Your Choice Magazine - UK.
Winter Edition, 2012.
A mantra I chanted daily during my treatment was "If Bob Champion can do it, so can I"  
The Cancer Survivors Club; an inspirational book written by cancer survivor and Columnist of the Year, Chris Geiger.



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What Others Say

  • " Chris was so kind to me in my low moments. Thank you for taking the time to talk me through things and share your own experiences."
  • " Chris Geiger shows that a long survival is possible and for that I thank him."
  • " I wish had read the book while undergoing the dark hours of treatment. The author's positive thinking is inspiring."
  • " Your story is amazing and you are a terrific inspiration for all cancer patients and survivors. I wish you continued great health and success!"
  • " I really enjoyed reading so many positive and inspirational stories, even the titles inspire. The stories gave me more of an understanding of other types of cancer – often ones I do not think about – and their treatments. I also enjoyed the inserts from Chris, the editor, and I will be looking at his website soon."
  • " I like the honesty of the book; the stories are unabridged and verbatim and all the better for that – I found it all the more realistic. It felt as if the stories were being told to me face to face and it gave me a little more understanding of other cancer treatments. I also enjoyed the author’s newspaper columns interspersed with the stories; these lightened the read in places."
  • " This is a superb book. It is a brilliant idea for patients to tell their story and feel part of a 'club.' It is arranged in bite-sized pieces and it is very easy to understand."
  • " This book should be a standard text for nurses, doctors and administrators on cancer wards and cancer day centres. People attendant on but without the disease cannot get their heads around the sluggish nature of the 'cancer brain'. It is the shock, despair and loss of mental and physical control that are so crippling. The world lives at one pace; a cancer patient lives elsewhere. The book makes that point repeatedly. With the best will, clinicians are often too tired or stressed and cancer patients become a slow, cumbersome burden."
  • " This is a well written book in which cancer survivors give straightforward accounts of how they felt when diagnosed and how they coped. I would have been eager to read it after my diagnosis – it is inspirational and most importantly there is a message of hope throughout. It is very helpful for patients and carers to read how others coped, about their fear of what was to come and how they are now surviving after their cancer journey. Patients need reassurance that not all cancers carry a death sentence."
  • " It is a very easy read. The editor, himself a cancer survivor, has a good sense of humour and the stories by individual cancer survivors are very easy to read. They cover all different types of cancers; this is a good thing as one mainly reads about breast cancer these days. I love the design and colour on the cover."
  • " An inspiring insight into how these brave 'Survivors' and their families coped with this vile disease. Reading this made me feel humbled by their tremendous courage (and sometimes comical approach) to their condition and treatment. It fills a huge gap by describing treatments and side effects that will help many future 'Victims' and their families. This book should be read by anyone who feels afraid of the word "Cancer". It puts everything into perspective."
  • " From the moment that dreaded word is said to you, the frantic search begins for 'the bright side', the success stories, the stats that show, 'yes, we can fight this'. This book is a frank and human collection of stories from people who have, quite simply, kicked its sorry butt out of their lives. They haven't kicked it with miracle cures or divine intervention, but straight forward determination, the glorious NHS at its best and a sprinkling of humour. This book should be available on prescription for anyone who has had the diagnosis everyone dreads. It is practical, no nonsense, and should be in every doctor's waiting room. If you know anyone who is in sheer turmoil right now, facing chemo, radiotherapy, or in remission, GET THIS BOOK FOR THEM NOW!!!! Well done to the author and especially well done to the contributors"
  • " This is a very inspirational book that I know will help cancer sufferers and their families and carers who read it. The book shows what the power of a positive mental attitude can achieve when faced with this awful disease. "
  • " What a fantastic inspirational book giving hope to people and their families who is dealing with cancer, there are some amazing heart warming stories to read the book is a must, I would really recommend the book. "
  • " This book is so uplifting, it is so nice to read a book that contain stories about everyday people, it will help anyone who is going through cancer treatment and also those who have finished and also families I would def recommend reading it. "
  • " This is a very inspirational and uplifting book which will help so many people diagnosed with cancer, giving everyone hope and understanding. You will read about the courage and determination of people with success stories which they have shared with you, to help you. A must read for people newly diagnosed and their family and friends. Excellent book. "